About Us

Jinan yellow ants moving co was established in 1995, is one of the earliest implementation standardized management of Jinan Jinan moving company, Jinan, with independent legal personality scale moving, moving company in Jinan, Jinan Jinan moving company, moving company phone, prices moved factory, moved factory in Jinan, Jinan, Jinan, long-distance moving, long distance moving company in Jinan, Jinan Jinan moving company, moving company which is better. Since its inception has been pursuing high quality, high standards and strict requirements of the service standards, the majority of customers, the industry won a good reputation. In 2006, we have developed into a moving fleet of more than 20 vehicles. Workers, more than 100 people, the management staff of 15 large moving handling freight company. In Jinan district and jiyang, shanghe, zhangqiu, pingyin have our Office. Services include not only moving services in Jinan, and residents is a moving, piano handling moves, air conditioning repair, cargo handling of large moving body. We are committed to you and a phone call to our company, Jinan City five districts and 30 minutes.

from 2008 onwards, we all use computers control the fleet, real time control of each customer's specific work, even when the move occurred during emergency situations, we will not waste your time.

Jinan yellow ants moving co with a good reputation over the years won the unanimous endorsement of customers! So we have uniform prices, the same contract, so that you have absolutely no worries. Moving companies often customer complaints in recent years, is not about the bad service, is the moving banner stolen. Here, the ants moving promise: we absolutely do not appear to have similar behavior. If you find 10 times times!