Current trends

current trends in the market

1. is the busiest time to move markets in Shenzhen business, large and small, informal moving company squeezed out a considerable share. They are also eager to have a uniform industry standards for the operation of the moving company, developing standard charge, but the provisions still do not have a policy.

2. the moving company in Shenzhen are mostly couples moving company, fake moving company. Only need please people do a website, and please phone company installation several Department phone, and respectively put in himself different of website Shang, and then in different of life information website and search engine Shang big playing advertising, see that company business good, on with which home moved company of brand, metaphor: "Shenzhen Ant moved company, Shenzhen Shun sent moved company, Shenzhen day moved company, Shenzhen mass moved company, Shenzhen integrity moved company"...... Pretend to be more than a few moving companies so much? (Lots of people like to pretend these moving company makes in connection with the low moving take on the business, then in the process of moving petty theft and prices soar. Led to Shenzhen moved market chaos, runs formal of moved company) in here way mention about, in Baidu company do promotion, make page snapshot of posing as Ant moved company of is is too more has, Shenzhen public if not believes words, on please you immediately in Baidu search about Shenzhen moved company, Baidu Home page snapshot almost full is Ant moved company, phone number the not same, let you see have dazzled, points not clear which a is really? What is false? Real ants moving company has only one home, we are colleagues, but I can't tell which one is true? What is false? Shenzhen gentlemen of the need to move! Ladies! Can you get it?