Move to stimulate the economy of the area hot

Baidu Baidu after more than a year to spend heavily to build the building was finally completed, the next work on building of the employees will be moved into Baidu Baidu Baidu, Baidu more than more than 4,000 workers have started to move a few days ago, this building, called the "search box" building was built by Baidu in Shangdi development area office space, total construction area of more than 90,000 square meters moving companies in the phone. With the domestic share price the highest network company relocation, new home price rising momentum around.

Baidu said currently employs a total of more than 7,000 people best epilepsy treatment hospital. Starting from Putian District Office building and is the ideal International Plaza, building, then to the third office area, made up of more than 4,000 people out of the army will be mighty Baidu, collective Baidu search box moved to the newly completed building to the North. Baidu will be a grand meeting at the 17th, housewarming party moving Johnson. Baidu "new home" in April 2007, the Foundation in July, started building with a total floor space of 91500 square meters, built height of 30 meters. Because the shape resembles a huge Internet "search box" name. "Search box" surrounding neighbors company is big, is North of the new headquarters, the Zhongguancun software Park is on the West side of the East is Plaza digital technology and digital.

in the United States NASDAQ-listed Baidu, the current stock price per share has exceeded US $ 400. With thousands of high-income employees moved north with strong purchasing power, there must be some employees will select around purchase or rental, Baidu has close business relations with the company will be moving near to Baidu's new home office, which makes the surrounding housing prices continue to rise. News from chain home real estate, under the influence of Baidu relocation, land prices keep rising in the near future, including home sales and West around the flag on extremely hot. Chain flag shop sales consultant real estate, West said, and West on rising housing prices in the near future in the area of astonishing, leader of real estate like Yan Shangyuan, near Silicon Valley, on the new leaders in Silicon Valley, MOMA, Shang Lin XI and other high-grade commercial housing prices continued to rise. At present, according to the prices of second-hand house trading statistics, the new leaders of Silicon Valley's housing prices had reached 25000 RMB/sqm in July, up nearly 20%, far higher than that of Beijing growth in other regions. Other nearby properties, ranging from 15000 to Yuan per square meter, compared with also in rings outside the building, where higher real estate prices by a mile.