Creating new models of e-commerce, to move people to save money

09 the Internet industry's biggest event--"fusion gave birth to value   network changes your life" 2009 China e-commerce Web sites and industry vertical development forum was held in Beijing International Convention Center, Johnson moved.

following is the speech of Wang Jian, President of move:

host Zhang Xiangning: when the actual payment is made overseas, Paypal has a very large market share. I mentioned the relationship between Paypal and eBay, is actually the eBay acquisition  Paypal. when doing Paypal listed, actually the market there are also rich, because too many deals from eBay, thus leading to a great risk of the stock market causes of psoriasis. &Nbsp;Paypal after years of development, now continues to depend on business with eBay. I did the Internet too early, a lot of memory is very old, said some fair move every now and then.

move CEO Wang Jian to speech Internet era-the people saving money good assistants, everyone welcome.

Michael: thank you, ladies and gentlemen good. Out of a total of you is an Internet veteran, I inserted a sentence, I'm not making the Internet, I'm in the media. Opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, including we are involved in the national day military parade. My friend said, you do what a mess on the Internet on the media you, but the trouble is based on my personal experience, telling us the Internet before people move, starting about three years ago I never play the stock, stock fire, you get to buy the stock, make money, I said this is something I've never played. Have friends that let you talk to a financial adviser, I say that Yes, this money is good. I found it very strange, in fact this society developed a kind of consumption in the service sector is not like that, I've never wanted to finance. First, through a friend, the second Internet search, and how everyone just like I feel, the advisers have time, have no interest in my property, and he reliably unreliable, this is unknown. I passively look for financial advisors, found not found, not on the way.

second is moved, where do I find a moving company, moving company gave me clear, I don't know, is it to earn my money, its vehicle, how much money people, I don't know. Something like this I think we all think about, your life must have the same experience with me, when you consume, spend money when, where to find the business, service, he exactly how much profit, are being fooled. This result led to a move to see people bidding, the first money, the second time, the third initiative status. The customer is God, before Internet time, customer is God, take money to look for others, which have let God take the money in the world to find businesses, this is not God. Second is the pursuit, once you take money to find people, business is not good, he'll pit your money that you decorate the House several times, and so on. But 95% a lifetime decoration, wedding, specialists, accountants, lawyers, will be able to play more than 10 times, I estimate that this unlikely.